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Group Fitness -Erline says

Erline says

“I joined for my 70th birthday.  Following breast cancer surgery and radiation, my plan was to increase strength and flexibility in my chest wall and shoulder.  Little did I know that I would develop friendships and support that I now enjoy- and that my workout program would make such a difference in my overall health.  When someone asked me what I was going to do on my 85th birthday, I said “I’m going to the gym”- and I did!”

Carmen says

“Back in the day, I worked out on the machines and took Step, Aerobics, Kickboxing, and Strength classes.  Today (at 79!) I enjoy the addition of Zumba, Pilates, and Hip Hop.  I’m addicted to exercise- I take 2 classes a day every day and rest on Sundays!  It makes me feel good from both a physical and mental perspective. I enjoy being in shape and staying strong.  As much as I enjoy the group classes, I have made many dear friends here. The biggest difference about Women’s Wellness is the friendship, support, and encouragement all the women give each other.  Women’s Wellness is wonderfully unique, there is no place that can even come close.”

Group Fitness - Carmen says
Group Fitness - Elnora says

Elnora says

“After over 30 years of teaching, I joined Women’s Wellness as a retirement gift to myself.  I remain a member (15+ years later!) because it fits my fitness needs and social needs- and at an affordable price.  I love that the center is all female and offers so many different classes.  I usually take Zumba, Hip Hop, or Power Sculpt class, followed by Pilates or Yoga. My favorite thing about Women’s Wellness & Fitness is the many classes from which to choose.  It never gets dull!”

Nancy says

“I like to be active and release my stress at the end of the day.  [Women’s Wellness] is a place that makes you feel good.  They are friendly, kind, and a real family!”

Group Fitness - Nancy says
Group Fitness - Connie says

Connie says

“I have to dance every day! Zumba is my passion- I come 5-6 days a week and do 2- one hour Zumba classes each day.  I also do strength training…  I love all of the many friends I have made over the years at Women’s Wellness- sharing in each other’s lives, and being a support system through good times and sad times.  I plan to still be here another 25 years!  Women’s Wellness is my second home!”

Carolyn says

“I believe exercise is a true positive in maintaining health and mobility as we age.  Exercising to music in a friendly environment offers even greater benefits.  We visit before, during, and after classes and support each other during difficult times.  The music and movement help boost our moods and energy levels, and classes always end with balance [work] and stretching cool downs…  Women’s Wellness is such a special place to me.  What a blessing it is to get to share my joys, pride, and emotions with such a great mix of ladies!”

Group Fitness - Carolyn says
Group Fitness - Melissa says

Melissa says

“When I joined Women’s Wellness, I hoped to resume my exercise routine after having a baby and also hoped to meet new friends as our family had moved to NC from Minnesota.  My “baby” is 23 years old, and I’m still a member.  Today my workout routine is more varied than in the past.  For cardio purposes, I enjoy Step, Fit Camp, Zumba and Dance Mix classes.  Over the years I have incorporated more strength training into my workout routine.  For strength training, I enjoy Power Sculpt and Zumba Toning classes…  I wasn’t necessarily looking for an all-women’s facility, but it turns out that I really like it. I feel I can come as I am.”

Pamela says

“[Women’s Wellness] is a true refuge for so many women from so many walks of life- it is extraordinary.  The true caring, compassion, vision, encouragement and FUN found at [the facility] makes us feel that we can accomplish what we each need to…   I love the positive, non-judgemental, non-competitive atmosphere of simply having women of all backgrounds come together to try to get and stay healthy and fit…  Women’s Wellness is a very unique place where women of every size, shape, age, faith and non-faith, and color are welcomed and encouraged to come together to be a part of a very special community.”

Group Fitness - Pamela says
Group Fitness - Constance says

Constance says

“I describe my workouts as fun, and painfully delicious!  In the 25+ years I’ve been teaching group fitness classes at Women’s Wellness, I have seen the club change its focus over time- gradually focusing more on behavior changes and internal motivation instead of external outcomes…  My advice to others is make exercise sociable; find a friend who is also eager and commit to work out together.”